Night Watch Truth: Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Security Jobs

The only way we can peacefully sleep during the night is by knowing that someone is standing guard outside our houses, offices, and parking lots. However, have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of night watch duty? If yes, then keep on reading! Because in this blog, we will tell you about five common misconceptions about night guard duties.

While working as a night guard isn’t the same as befriending talking statues like Larry Daley did in Night at the Museum, that doesn’t mean that it is not every bit as challenging and chaotic. Being a night security guard sure has its perks, however, people also tend you form ill-informed misconceptions about the job.

Here are the top five misconceptions about night security guards that are completely false and baseless:

1.   Security Guards are Expensive

The first misconception is that security guards are expensive. The truth, however, is that their payroll depends on their expertise and training. If you are hiring a highly trained and experienced individual for the job, you might have to pay a little bit over the regular amount. But in general, night security guards are not as expensive as people may assume.

2.   Security Guards Can Handle Anything

People often think that security guards are trained to handle every situation. While this is true to some extent, we cannot expect guards to mitigate every threat ever. It is true that they are trained to take the right calls in every situation, but you need to keep in mind that guards are not the authority and they cannot take legal action against people without contacting the police.

3.   Security Guards are Only Men

When it comes to night duties, the biggest misconception in the security industry is that women cannot do night hours. This is because people think night duties are risky and having women on the watch is a liability.

However, this is not true. There are a lot of facilities where having women guards is a necessity. For instance, girls’ hostels, female hospital wards, and schools all require both men and women for night security.

4.   Security Guards Work Odd Hours

You will be surprised to know that security services offer the most flexible work hours to their staff. It might seem like working night hours is a hard task, however, for some people, it is extremely flexible. For instance, college and university students often prefer late-hour shifts since they have lectures during the day.

In simple words, working a night job in security services is actually quite peaceful. Less people are visiting and there are fewer cars in the parking lots which makes it easier to keep an eye on things.

5.   You are Alone on the Night Watch

People think that there is only one lonely guard sitting outside a building at midnight. However, it’s a misconception that you will be alone on the night watch. Usually, there are other guards and team members on the premises with you during the night.

We hope that these misconceptions will help you understand how security guards are protecting and affecting our lives on a daily basis. If you want to enroll in security training programs and get first-hand experience from professionals, check out Strategic Protection Solutions. It is a mission-driven platform providing an array of skill-based courses that encourage individuals to build a successful career in the security industry.

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