Customer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is security important?

Having a physical security presence on your property provides many benefits – a security officer is your eyes and ears for anything that might occur on your property, can report any hazards or incidents, will be a deterrent to unwanted or illegal activity, and in some cases make your property eligible for a discount on insurance.

2) What type of Security Officers does Strategic Protection provide?

Strategic Protection provides uniformed security officers – both armed or unarmed, who are monitored by a professional supervisory staff. In addition to these officers, Strategic Protection can provide Private Investigative services to all clients at a discounted rate.

3) What sets Strategic Protection apart from other security companies?

Unlike most large private security companies, Strategic Protection is locally owned and managed – they live here, they shop here, their children go to school here – they have a vested interest in the greater Houston area. This also means that when you have an issue, you can reach someone with decision making power, not just some account manager who will have to get back to you with an answer.

4) Are there specific hours that a guard would NOT be available if needed?

The scheduled hours that a Security Officer will be on your property can be custom designed to meet your needs. During those hours the officer will be available to respond to any calls for service or incidents that occur on your property.

5) How are your security officers and security operations supervised and managed?

Strategic Protection Security Officers are supervised by an experienced and responsive management team as well as field supervisors. All officers are tracked via computer systems to provide you with the reassurance that your property is being protected and that any reports will be readily available to you.

6) Are the officers trained as required by law and business requirements?

All Strategic Protection Security Officers are licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau. These officers are specifically trained for each property they are assigned to so that they meet your expectations.

7) Does Strategic Protection have the required professional and business licenses?

Strategic Protection Solutions is a corporation licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Guard Service and Investigative company.

8) What are the Prices of security services?

The cost of services provided by Strategic Protection is determined by many different factors – type/size of the property, type of officer needed, hours of work, etc. Feel free to contact our office and speak to a sales representative to get a custom quote for your property.

9) What type of uniform do your officers wear?

Strategic Protection Security Officers wear distinctive, police-style uniforms with appropriate equipment to assist them in the performance of their duties – flashlight, handcuffs, radio/cell phone, etc.

10) What type of business does Strategic Protection offer services to?

Strategic Protection provided security services for a wide variety of businesses – Governmental facilities, office parks/buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, retirement communities, apartment communities, homeowners associations, construction sites, etc.