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im the best security guard

Security Companies are Desperately Searching for the Best Security Guards

Security Companies are Desperately Searching for the Best Security Guards we’ve developed the top 12 ways to know if your Officer is a leader:

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Private Security Industry Advice

Surround yourself with wise men who can teach and train you the wisdom they withhold.

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Security Prayer

Guide me to help people have safety and awareness.

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New Security Pocket Card

The Private Security License also known as a “Pocket Card” has a new look and new features, including laser engraving and a durable,

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For Want of A Nail

For want of a Nail the Shoe was lost; for want of a Shoe the Horse was lost; and for want of a Horse the Rider was lost,

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Techniques to Help Love Your Job

There are things you can try to help change your perspective. At best, your job may turn into what you expected it to be. At the least, you’ll know that you tried and you can plan on conducting a job search and moving on. Here are ten simple ways to learn to love your job, […]

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Qualities of an Effective Team Player

Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner Shows commitment to them Exhibits flexibility Cooperates and provide a helping hand Shares openly and willingly Functions as an active participant Listens actively Communicate constructively Demonstrate reliability

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How to properly wear your uniform

*Brass is polished *Buttons are lined up *Brass and name tag is positioned *Uniform is cleaned and pressed Gig Line Gig Line is a military term that refers to the alignment of the seam of the uniform shirt, belt buckle, and uniform trouser fly-seam. In order to be properly dressed, these three should align to […]

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Job Seeker Q&A

Every job seeker has questions when it comes to looking for employment. These are some of the popular questions & Answers we gathered and considered to be helpful tips to make the job hunting process easier and more of a success with our company. 1. What kind of jobs does Strategic Protection hire for? Our […]

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How to determine if a company is the best fit for you

Here are 6 tips to help you decide if a company is right for you. • What is their mission statement?  A company’s mission statement says a lot about the character of the company and also about its employees. A mission statement can determine a company’s beginning, its growth, and also the future of the […]

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