Job Seeker Q&A

Every job seeker has questions when it comes to looking for employment. These are some of the popular questions & Answers we gathered and considered to be helpful tips to make the job hunting process easier and more of a success with our company.

1. What kind of jobs does Strategic Protection hire for?
Our company offers a variety of positions from office personnel, guards, and private investigators out in the field. We service Government facilities, office parks/buildings, shopping centers, waste fields, retirement communities, apartment communities, homeowners associations, construction sites, etc.

2. How do I know if I qualify for the position?
We do offer entry-level positions that do not require any type of certifications but depending on the position that you are applying for may require different certifications, degrees, training, and/or licenses. Each Position is listed with the job qualifications. If you have any questions regarding qualifications for a specific position email

3. How do I know if the company is hiring?
Our company is always accepting applications, consistently check our career page to see listings of open positions.

4. How can I apply?
You can come into the office and apply in person or visit our career page and submit an application online.

5. Where are the jobs located that your company is hiring for?
We have job opportunities throughout the State of Texas and also in and around the area of Harris County. We try to place our employees at a location that minimizes commute.

6. What is the pay rate?
Pay rates are based on experience, location, and position.

7. How long from the application date does it take to start working?
Every situation is different, we do have a hiring process that does require assessment test, background screening, and certification verification. We try to get everything done in a timely manner so we can ensure a quick effective hiring process.

8. Is there room for advancement with this company?
We want our team to grow with us; the sky is the limit when it comes to advancement.

9. Are there any benefits for the employees?
On top of your salary, we do offer Medical, Dental, Vision, And 401k. Vacation time is also available after 1 year with the Company.

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