Security Myths Debunked: Separating Facts from Fiction

From malls and offices to banks and parking lots –we see security guards every day. Some of us even work with them in close proximity without paying much attention to their role in our lives. However, we cannot ignore the fact most organizations and institutes cannot run without proper security management.

The reason why there is so much fog around the concept of security guard jobs is that we don’t have one broad category. There is a lot of variability between the types of security guards, their roles, and how they might operate.

To clear out this fog, we have curated a short list of some of the most common misconceptions about the security industry and guard jobs

1.   Security Guards are not educated

It’s a common misconception that security guard jobs don’t need a lot of education and training. However, the reality is far from this. To apply for a security guard job or work in security management, you will need proper training and a certificate. Almost all security guards are trained to some extent depending on the job requirement.

Some go through extensive training programs including weapon use and combat training to prepare themselves for every possible scenario. On the other hand, clock-in and clock-out guards might not know all of this, but they still have enough training to hold off a crime and contact the authorities at the right time.

2.   Working in Security Services is Dangerous

A lot of people don’t join security services because they think it’s a dangerous job. While we understand where this misconception comes from, all security guard jobs need not be dangerous. Most of these jobs will be in a safe, controlled, and low-risk environment

3.   All Guards Carry Guns

When you think of a security guard, do you picture a big scary man with a gun aimed right at your face?

While we have seen this version of guards in movies countless times, this is not always true. Not all guards carry guns. Guards need proper training and certification to legally carry a gun.

Some guards are simply there to regulate people and make sure that rules are being followed. These types of guards are management guards who are in charge of checking bags and keeping an eye on people.

4.   Security Guards can Arrest People

While security guards do have a lot of authority, they cannot arrest people. However, what security guards can do is they can hold people (and keep them cuffed if necessary) until the authorities arrive. Once they contact the police and pass the case over to them, their job is pretty much done.

5.   Security Guards are Lazy

Another common misconception is that security guards have a big belly due to sitting and snoring at a desk all day long. While in the real world, security guards are highly trained individuals who perform different tasks from monitoring cameras to checking personal belongings.

We hope that this blog debunked some popular myths about the security industry. To learn more about the security industry, you can contact Strategic Protection Solutions. It is a platform where you can learn new skills through various courses from report writing and professional ethics to security management and control.

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