Hiring Process


“Hiring Process that helps us hire great individuals to deliver great service”

Before we make our first call to the applicant several managers have already analyzed the applicants’ resume and profile. If we agree to move forward; we then conduct a thorough phone screening. When the applicant meets our standards, we send an invitation to complete the application and assessment. Applicants with a passing score will proceed to the interview process this step also includes presenting qualified duty gear. Candidates are required to participate in our comprehensive orientation.


If the hiring manager feels the applicant will be a great asset to our team, the applicant is then put through a series of background checks including reference verification. The last step is the meet & greet. The orientation presenter will perform the meet & greet, and go over company policies during the first half of orientation. During each interaction regardless of phone or in-person, the applicant is being monitored on how well he/she dissects the information given.

Here are the five steps process that helps us hire great people to deliver great service:

1. Phone Screen & Resume Evaluation

2. Application & Assessment

3. Interview & Gear Check

4. Second interview

5. Orientation (On-boarding)

Our hiring process is rated the best in the industry. We ensure that our employees will deliver what we are proposing to our current and future clients. We focus on individuals who have a positive mindset, who is easygoing that will serve clients with proud and confident. This strategic process is proven to work, and our clients love it!

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