Holidays can leave you with some of your best memories. In this, we are going to be talking about security during the holidays. Holidays are some of the busiest days. These days there is a lot of money being spent. A lot of gifts are being bought and things of that nature. Halloween is a criminal’s favorite day because everyone has on a mask. So why not have security such as cameras or even human security? I mean who doesn’t want to protect their valuables and candy?   

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On another note, thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday of giving but there are still people out there that are just taking. It seems like year-by-year things get worse like you can’t even cook your turkey without somebody getting their items taken by a criminal. I mean think about it we all have the date marked on the calendar waiting to dig into the food, but the food doesn’t matter if you just got robbed.

Criminals also love Christmas. Christmas is also a giving and receiving holiday. Christmas is nearly everyone’s favorite holiday. We just sit around a tree with family opening presents and some even travel. But at the end of the day, there is always that one group of people that get together and say hey let’s see what valuables they have in their house. Criminals are like scavengers they take whatever they can get their hands on. With all you should take into consideration the importance of getting security whether it is cameras or even people, anything can help as long as it is legal. I mean who wants to wake up and all the presents that you bought are gone you would be furious. I mean even a ring doorbell can help you don’t have to go all out just make sure you have security with that being said we’re out of peace. 


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